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"All Creatures Great and 'not so; Great" - Helen and Kevin Ashford

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Helen and Kevin
The new year with a very enjoyable evening presented by two fellow members, Helen and Kevin Ashford entitled 'All creatures great and not so great'
The audio visual presentation opened with a selection of images of apes and monkeys in different attitudes , some with very comical facial expressions.This was followed by aquatic creatures, some in aquariums, some in their natural environment, including turtles and jellyfish, then big cats, lions, tigers, cheetah , followed by birds, some beautiful pictures of owls, blue tits, robins and many more.
There was humour in the form of animal movements co ordinated with music, then some close up shots of insects, Helen's speciality being bees in flight.
The evening finished with some stunning shots of raptors, showing their beaks, talons and eyes in closeup, the beautiful feathers and pictures showing their amazing flight.
Colin Carter thanked Helen and Kevin for putting together such an impressive presentation