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Looking Back and Perhaps a Little Forwrad

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Tony with an image taken by his father
This evening we were entertained by long standing fellow Member Tony Wilson.
Titled 'looking back and perhaps a little forward' Tony took us on a journey through his life,proud of the fact that that he was born in the same year as sophia Loren, Diana Dors, and Judi Dench to name but a few.Growing up in Sheffield in the days of trams, he was given an early introduction to photography by his Father, and showed pictures of the equipment of the day, including the plate camera which made taking a picture a rather lengthy and limited procedure, not to mention the development of the image, often on home made aparatus.The club were priviledged to see original shots of children playing in the river, trams and an unrecognisable Sheffield, schools shops and shops no longer there.
Growing up Tony developed an interest in sailing, walking and photography, a hobby in which he developed his own style in the days before digital, progressing into the modern age and showing his various cameras over time. His pictures are always good and often imaginitive and members were shown examples of his work.
A truly fascinating evening which kept everyone rivetted.
Thanks were given by Alison Crowter(chairman)