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Nighttime Wildlife Photography and Bringing wildlife Photography indoors

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Colin Sargent with Alison
A memorable evening was enjoyed when Colin Sargent, a wildlife photographer from Brentor paid a visit.
Specializing in nightime photography Colin talked of his long hours in a hide, in woodland, and with the aid of several flashguns, torches and camera, sultans and peanut butter, his quest to capture badgers and foxes a they emerged on their nightly forage for food.
The amazing images of these nocturnal animals demonstrated the dedication and patience needed to capture the perfect shots in their natural habitat.
During the second half of the evening and in contrast to the first, Colin showed close up pictures of small animals, mice, shrews and voles, which he caught in humane traps, then in glass tanks with foliage wood and berries he was able to take photographs before releasing the animals safely back into the wild.
Alison Crowter(chairman) thanked Mr Sargent for a special evening enjoyed by all