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Hidden Gems and the Ones that Got Away

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Jean King, Edward Chorlton, Nigel West and Byron Carnell enjoying the prints
A lot of fun was had by our club on Wednesday evening, mostly at the expense of fellow photographers.
Nigel West hosted the evening, beginning with 'the ones that got away', a selection of images by various members which didn't turn out quite as expected, the authors then invited to say a few words about their selection or if preferred, to remain anonymous.
There was a lot of hilarity as blurred or strange coloured pictures were shown as well as the missing Eurofighter and a tropical bird both of which flew away leaving blank skies.
During the second half, entitled 'hidden gems' pictures that have a special memory or meaning to the various members were enjoyed by the rest of the club. Varying between travelogues , france, venice, America and Japan, to natural history and aircraft museums,
this gave everyone a chance to show their work.