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Set Subject competition

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Bob Kethro , Nigel West , Gwynneth Chubb, Ken Holland, David Snowden(judge), Ken Redshaw
It was competition night on Wednesday and as usual members of Dawlish and Teignmouth Camera club rose to the challenge, presenting over eighty images for the judge to appraise.
Relaxation and bridges were the set subjects and judging was David Snowden from Tedburn st Mary, himself a keen photographer with his own studio, as well as being an organic farmer.
Members used a lot of imagination to put their own interpretations to the subjects,road, river, railway and pedestrian bridges as well as some very imaginative shots of the bridge on a guitar.
'Relaxation' provided some amusing pictures, some of people taken unawares whilst sleeping as well as children and animals just chilling out.
The standard was high, giving Mr Snowden a challenge of his own and he pronounced the winners;
Standard prints; 1st and 2nd Bob Kethro, 3rd Gwynneth Chubb, commended Denise Searle and David Hutton
Advanced Prints; 1st and 2nd Nigel West, 3rd Ken Redshaw, commended Tony wilson, Bob Normand Edward Chorlton
Standard digital Images;1st and 2nd Bob Kethro,3rd Ross Parker, commended Ross Parker, Alison Crowter
Advanced Digital images; 1st Nigel West, 2nd and 3rd Ken Holland, commended Jane Pitt, Bob Normand, Nigel West , Tony Wilson
David Hutton thanked the judge.