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Naomi and lions
The club got off to a good start following the Christmas break with a talk by fellow member Naomi Stolow on her favourite photographers and how they have influenced her in her own work, and resulting in her specialising in wildlife photography.
Marlon Du Toit has a huge understanding of animal behaviour and uses this to show african animals in their own environment as does another of Noamis choices, also a south african Gerry Van Der Walt and their images are outstanding.
Sandra Bartocha captures landscapes with a difference, using the light and creating unique almost abstract pictures, while Sergey Gorshkov spends a lot of time in Kamchatka,in the far east of Russia, in the cold and snow in his quest to photograph animals in the wild, a subject close to his heart and a lot of which are under threat in todays world.
Naomi followed this with a presentation of her own work, giving a brief history of her life and interets and showing some of her stunning images of wildlife here at home and also in Africa and India.
An accomplished phpotographer she has had work accepted in various magazines including the national geographic, as well as being shortlisted in national competitions, and has her own website,