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From Pole to Pole

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Alison with Phil
Members of the club were given a round the world tour when guest speaker Phil Abraham came to visit. On retirement from the fire service Mr Abraham decided to visit and photograph the places he had previously dreamed of.
Beginning with the Falkland Islands and south Georgia he took stunning pictures of the wildlife that survive in these hostile conditions, albatross in flight following the boat through the huge antarctic waves as well as penguins seals and the various birds.
His next trip took him to SE Africa, Botswans, Zimbabwe, Namibia and South Africa, getting close to lions, buffalo and elephants and photographing the vast and beautiful landscapes and sunsets.
The Galapagos islands gave him the opportunity to take close up pictures of the rare and strange creatures seen nowhere else in the world and seemingly unafraid of humans, iguanas, turtles, sea lions and a huge variety of seabirds.
Lastly he visited Svalbard, in the northern polar region, a place of intense cold, snow and ice and his images showed the turquoise blue ice sculptures, icebergs glaciers and clear blue icy seas, watched over by polar bears and walrus.
An entertaining speaker Mr Abraham gave a presentation full of wit, humour and information and was thanked for a thoroughly good evening by Nigel West.