Robin Ravilious - James Ravilious, His Life and Works

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Ravilious discussing the pictures with Edward Chorlton
A major highlight of the year for Dawlish and Teignmouth camera club was a visit from Robin Ravilious, the widow of James Ravilious. The club was treated to a fascinating insight of the life and work of this renowned photographer of rural life in Devon. Having purchased his first camera in 1969 James specialised in black and white images, taking thousands of pictures, recording life in and around Dolton and Beaford in mid Devon, which are now stored in the Beaford archive.
The timeless images showed that life in this farming community in the 1970s had changed little over the decades.
He continued recording changes to the area until his death in 1999, having had several books published.
The club were shown many of his photographs on the screen and also some of his original prints .
Robin was happy to answer any questions and a vote of thanks was given by chairman Edward Chorlton