Chairman's Evening

Article text
Edward Chorlton(chairman), Jane Marchand, John Allan
Dawlish and teignmouth camera club are enjoying an excellent season and wednesday evening was no exception. It was the 'chairmans evening' and Edward Chorlton invited two speakers to talk on very different subjects.
John Allan, an RSPB volunteer spoke about bird life on the exe estuary, particularly waders.Members heard about migratory species coming south to overwinter, and were shown projected pictures of turnstone, osprey, lapwing, geese and avocets to name a few, accompanied by recordings of birdsong.River cruises can be taken on 'My Queen', one of the little ships used in the evacuation of Dunkirk.
Jane Marchand, senior Dartmoor archaeologist followed with her talk on the recent excavation of Whitehorse hill. A walker stumbled across part of a previously undiscovered cist, exposed by erosion.After years of painstaking cleaning and investigation it was revealed as an early bronze age burial chest containing human remains from that period. Also part of a basket containing beads made from clay, tin amber and slate, a flint tool and wooden ear studs all wrapped in the remains of a bearskin. The club members were shown images of these objects on the screen.
Votes of thanks were given by Eileen Marsh and Peter Sillifant.