Hallmarks, Lament and privelege - Leigh Preston

Article text
Dawlish & Teignmouth Camera Club enjoyed one of the highlights of their
season last Wednesday when they welcomed Leigh Preston from Gloucestershire
as their guest speaker. He is a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society, a
member of the London Salon and is a very popular photographic lecturer
visiting clubs, societies and specialist groups across the U.K. Members of
several other local Camera Clubs were also invited to hear such a
distinguished visitor.

His lecture was illustrated with many examples of his excellent monochrome
images, with some fine colour work included too. His subject matter ranged
from formal portraits to street candids, from beautiful landscapes in
Scotland to gritty mill towns in Lancashire, and from humorous observations
to serious studies. Most were taken in Britain, but he also showed some of
his travel images.

Throughout the evening, Leigh entertained the audience with the high quality
of his work, as well as with his humour, sharp wit, thought-provoking
opinions, hilarious tales of his past and enthusiasm for photography. He
encouraged comments from the audience, and displayed his obvious skill as a
photographer and also his deep knowledge of the subject.

The audience went home inspired by the very high quality of Leigh's
photography and by his obvious love of his subject. He was formally thanked
by Mac Bouchere, who was also responsible for arranging the evening.