Set Subjects competition

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Picture left-right John Lynn, Steve Capewell , Peter Tickner(judge) , Denise Searle, Bob Clowes, Kevin Ashford, Ken Holland, Ken Redshaw, Bob Kethro
Landscapes and Portraits
Yet again members of Dawlish and Teignmouth camera club showed their competitive spirit, vying against each other in the final competition of 2014.there were two subjects, landscape in prints and portrait in projected images. There were some stunning landscapes, taken at different times of the day and in various weather conditions, some very dramatic. Many were local views, showing what a beautiful area we live in.
Members showed great imagination in taking portaits, not only of people but animals and birds too. In fact the winning image was a black spaniel.
The judge, Peter Tickner from Wellington greatly enjoyed the pictures. Whilst giving a fair appraisal of each image he also offered advice on how to improve aspects of the picture, keeping his commentary short and taking great care not to offend.
The results were;Advanced prints; 1 Ken Holland, 2 Bob Clowes, 3 Ken Redshaw
Highly commended; Ken Holland, Edward Chorlton
Standard prints; 1 Steve Capewell, 2 Kevin Ashford, 3 Denise Searle
Highly commended; Byron Carnell, Bob Normand
Projected images, Advanced; 1 John Lynn, 2 Edward Chorlton, 3 Roger Smart
Highly commended; Ken Holland ,Peter Sillifant
Standard projected images; 1 Bob Kethro, 2 Tejas Earp, 3 Steve Capewell
Highly commended, Leslie Cooper, Nigel West
The judge was thanked by Peter Sillifant