Panel Competition

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Shirley, Edward, Jane, Tony , Ginny (Judge) and Peter
This week was the annual panel competition. Members had a choice, to display five prints, on a theme, as a panel, or five digital images projected on the screen. A variety of subjects were chosen, birds, plants, people landscape, black and white or colour.
The judge for the evening was Ginny Campbell LRPS from Kingsbridge who gave an accomplished and fair appraisal of each panel. She herself is a keen landscape photographer and an active member of Kingsbridge camera club and showed great appreciation and enthusiasm for each members work.
The results were;
Prints, 1st Tony wilson, 2nd, Shirley Boulton, 3rd Jane Pitt, highly commended, Colin Carter
Digital images; 1st Ken Holland; 2nd Edward Chorlton; 3rd Peter Sillifant; highly commended, Tony Wilson