4th Open Competition

Article text
Stevel, Dave, Roger, Peter Hyett (judge) Tony and Ken
Members submitted uo to three digital images to be screened, either in colour or black and white.
Various special effects were used to create some imaginative pictures as well as conventioal landscapes, birds flowers and architectural images.
The judge, Peter Hyett from Exmouth had the daunting task of picking the winners. Whilst giving a thorough appraisal of each entry, he also gave some hints on how to make improvements where necessary.
The winners were; Advanced; 1st, Roger Smart; 2nd, Tony Wilson; 3rd Ken Holland
Highly commended; Edward Chorlton, Paul Lawson
Standard; 1st Dave Hutton; 2nd Steve Capewell; 3rd Kevin Ashford
Highly commended; Neil Crook, Jon Pitt