Tony's Transformation

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Tony with Dave, Ken and Edward
A competition devised by Tony Wilson, a long standing member of the club, all were given the chance to exercise their imagination and photoshop skills.
Tony supplied three images and invited members to manipulate them in any way they chose. It proved an entertaining evening with many variations, some funny, some unrecognisable but all imaginative.Three winners were pronounced; 1 Dave Hutton, 2 Ken Holland, 3 Edward Chorlton, with Maureen Bagley and Paul Lawson being highly commended. They were each presented with a chocolate Easter bunny. After the break Tony showed historic pictures of Teignmouth from postcards dating back to the early 1900s, Charabancs, coach and horses, steam trains and the wonderful costumes of that time.After showing examples of his own work, Tony finished with an audio visual presentation 'A tribute in flowers' , set to music.