5th Open Competition

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David Snowden (judge) with Tony Wilson, Steve Capewell, Jon Pitt, Bob Kethro, Denise Searle, Edward Chorlton, Ken Redshaw, and Ken Holland
As usual there were a good selection of prints on various subjects, black and white, colour and some very small images effectively framed in large mounts which looked very impressive.
A high standard was set with the standard workers prints shown first, followed after the break by advanced members work.
The judge was David Snowden from Exeter, a freelance photographer and organic farmer, who gave an excellent critique of every picture, taking time to make positive remarks and a detailed appraisal of each print, also giving advice if needed. He showed great enthusiasm and appreciation of every print.
Everyone had a thoroughly enjoyable evening and David was thanked by Nigel West, club secretary.
The winners were; Standard mono; 1st Denise Searle, 2nd Jon Pitt, 3rd Jon Pitt; Highly commended, Tejas Earp and Denise Searle
Standard Colour; 1st, Bob Normand, 2nd Steve Capewell, 3rd Bob Kethro; highly commended Byron Carnell
Advanced mono; 1st Edward Chorlton, 2nd Ken Holland, 3rd Ken Holland; highly commended, Tony Wilson, Bob Clowes
Advanced colour; 1st Tony Wilson, 2nd Ken Holland, 3rd Ken Redshaw. Highly commended, John Lynn, Edward Chorlton