April Fool - Humorous Photos

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Colin with his parting shot!
Laughter was on the agenda for tonight's meeting
This was the brainchild of regular club member Colin Carter. Each member was required to submit images depicting humour in photography. Everyone entered wholeheartedly into the spirit of things, resulting in about 300 pictures being entered.
There were numerous images of people in funny or unfortunate situations, proving that we do indeed laugh at other peoples misfortune. Some hilarious animal pictures and vehicles in unimaginable places made for a hugely entertaining evening. Members were invited to call out captions to the pictures , a wooden spoon being awarded to the best.
Also there was a competition to find the best title for a funny photo displayed by Mac Bouchere, the winners being, 1 Jane Pitt, 2 Paul Lawson, 3 Alison Crowther, each of whom were given a prize
Peter Sillifant thanked Colin and Mac for arranging a truly fun evening.