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Paul Lawson, Denise Searle, Nigel West, Ken Holland
On wednesday evening four members of Dawlish and Teignmouth camera club talked about 'my favourite photographer'.
Denise Searle began with her talk on Sebastiao Salgado giving a little background on him and his work and showing some of his stunning landscapes, people and wildlife from all corners of the globe.
Ken Holland followed with Elliot Erwitt who loved taking shots of people and animals often in humorous situations,, specialising in black and white photography.
Nigel West gave an hilarious account of the colourful life and career of Edward Weston whose interests seemed to be mainly nudes and mistresses.
Robert Capa was Paul Lawson's choice. A war photographer Capa lead a dangerous existence in the thick of the fighting in his pursuit of good images taken during the Spanish Civil War, the war between China and Japan and WW11 , even on the beaches during the Normandy landings.
Four very diverse subjects, mainly in black and white made for an interesting evening enjoyed by the club members