2nd Open Competition

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Nigel West, Kath McKnight(judge) , Dave Hutton, Bob Normand, Steve Capewell,Edward Chorlton, Ken Redshaw
It was competition time again for Dawlish and Teignmouth camera club this week. Being an open competition, members were permitted to enter three images, colour or black and white, in subjects of their own choice, to be projected on the screen.
These were judged by Kath McKnight, a member of honiton camera club, who gave a short introduction on her own interest in photography and what she looked for when judging pictures.
Whilst being complimentary about all of the entries she also gave members tips on making improvements.
The winners were; Standard; 1 Nigel West, 2 Dave Hutton, 3 Bob Normand
Highly commended; Dave Hutton and Tejas Earp
Advanced; 1 Steve Capewell, 2 Ken Redshaw, 3 Edward Chorlton
Highly commended; Tony Wilson and Steve Capewell
Peter Sillifant thanked Kath for her hard work and commentary