Faces and Places - John Sanders ARPS

Article text
John Sanders with some of his prints
Tonight we were entertained by John Sanders of Exeter Camera Club.  John is an Associate of the Royal Photographic Society, and called his presentation "Faces and Places".  This was a unique treat for club members as John rarely lectures to other clubs.

A prolific photographer with a huge variety of interests, John began with images of local farmers with their livestock, and then, in total contrast, showed his Associate Panel of work featuring studio images of dancers, particularly emphasising  their following and complicated movements, beautifully captured on camera.  These were reinforced by a display of John's excellent colour prints.

John also travels with his camera, and went on to show images from countries as diverse as South Africa and Cuba.  He concentrated on the people, their way of life and their living environment. Nearer to home he enjoys capturing the beauty of trees at Westonbirt Arboretum.

Finally John introduced members to his altered images.  These involved the use of several layers overlaid to produce composite images which were often quite surreal and challenging to the eye.  Modestly he even included some of the out-takes which hadn't quite worked.  These were all made locally in the Exeter area, and often included people in humorously impossible situations.

John was thanked by Club Chairman, Colin Carter.