Set Subject Competition 2015

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Ross Parker, Tony Wilson, John Lynn, Bob Normand, Ann Owens(judge) , Nigel West, Leslie Cooper, Bob Clowes
This evening we held their last competition of 2015, the set subjects being twilight (DPic) and boundaries, fences walls etc. (Prints)
Ann Owens from Plymouth was our judge for the evening and began with black and white prints. Members used a lot of imagination and put their own interpretation on the subject producing images of barbed wire and wooden fences, stone walls in Spain, padlocked gates and even children behind a stair gate.
The results were; standard, 1 Nigel West, 2 Bob Normand, 3 Ross Parker, highly commended Denise Searle
Advanced; 1 Bob Clowes, 2 John Lynn , 3 Edward Chorlton, highly commended Ken Holland
During the coffee break members perused the displayed pictures, the Twilight images were projected on a screen.
Evocative images taken just before sunrise or after sunset showed pastel skies over the sea and the river teign, even a murmuration of starlings and a lancaster bomber against the evening sky.
The winners were; Standard; 1 Bob Kethro, 2 Kevin Ashford 3 Leslie Cooper, highly commended Bob Normand
Advanced; 1 Tony Wilson, 2 Bob Clowes, 3 John Lynn, Highly commended John Lynn.
Colin Carter thanked the judge for her helpful comments.