5th Open Competition

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Tony Wilson, Bob Kethro, Alan Davey (judge) , Ken Redshaw, Bob Normand, Edward Chorlton
This week was the 5th and final open competition of the season.
The judge Alan Davey from Ivybridge gave a good humoured and thorough appraisal of each print, while giving positive comments he also gave tips on making small improvements where necessary.
There was a wide range of subjects from landscape to natural history, railways and some imaginitive abstract images.
The results were; Standard colour, 1 Bob Normand, 2 Leslie Cooper, 3 Bob Kethro, highly commened were Byron Carnell and Bob Kethro
Advanced mono; 1 Ken Redshaw, 2 Edward Chorlton, 3Tony Wilson, highly commended Tony Wilson and Peter sillifant
Advanced colour; 1 Ken Redshaw, 2 Tony Wilson, 3 Ken Redshaw, highly commended Steve Capewell and Ken Holland

Congratulations also go to two members, Ken Holland and Denise Searle for each swimming 100 lengths of dawlish pool in aid of Sport relief and raising over £1000 between them for charity