TAAG 2017

TAAG 2017
For a larger poster please see here, POSTER_TAAG_20171
Members Exhibition
Sat 21- Fri 27 January 2017
TAAG Centre Teignmouth
Details to be confirmedSubmitting printed pictures

We want to show a complete range of photographs that reflect our membership. All standards and styles are acceptable. This is an opportunity for you to exhibit your work to the public.

1. Maximum of 4 per person plus 1 'reserve'. £2 non-refundable fee for each picture submitted, whether it is displayed or not. Please give fee to treasurer Jane Pitt.

2. No prescribed format or theme. Prints must be mounted in a 50cm x 40cm mount. Help is available.

3. Mounted photographs will then be put in unglazed frames.

4. On back, state title of picture, name of photographer and price, or 'NFS' (Not for Sale).

5. The 'Hanging Committee' will be responsible for deciding what goes where. Its decision will be final.

6. Deadline for entries is the club night of Wed 4January 2017.

7. Any sales will be charged at 10% commission to the Camera Club.

8. You are responsible for collecting your pictures on the 27 January at about 5.00pm.

Hanging will take place on Friday evening 20th.